Range issue between 2 TeensyWiNo

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Hello, I tested communication with the teensyWiNo nodes side by side and it works but I have moved them 30cm apart and the receiver no longer... receives anything. Is there a specific configuration that allows a larger range?

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answered Dec 9, 2016 by vandenbo (510 points)
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Don't forget to connect an antenna to the TeensyWiNo shield. The shield does not embed an integrated antenna.

There are 3 antenna options:

  • the 18cm UFL pigtail, which ends with a SMA connector: the SMA antenna must be connected
  • a 1/4 wavelength wire (17.3cm for the 433MHz band) soldered to the TeensyWiNo shield
  • a DIY spring antenna made with mono-wired electric cable: 9mm diameter, 7 turns, soldered to the TeensyWiNo shield

See TeensyWiNo antenna tutorial on the website.

You may also set the appropriate txPower and modulation. With the following configuration, a indoor range of 30m can be achieved with the DIY spring antenna

rf22.setFrequency(434.0, 0.05);

If you use narrow bandwidth such as GFSK_Rb2_4Fd36, a range for 200m can be achieved, even in indoor environments.

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