WiNo: installing software development tools

This tutorial details the steps to install the software development tools for programming the TeensyWiNo and DecaWiNo.

Two methods can be used:

  1. Arduino IDE + TeensyDuino
  2. PlatformIO

Arduino IDE + TeensyDuino

Follow the steps indicated on the TeensyDuino Download Page on PJRC website. Don’t forget to check the last version of the Arduino IDE supported by TeensyDuino before download Arduino IDE. To sum-up:

  1. Check the Arduino IDE versions supported and download TeensyDuino from PJRC website
  2. Download and install the correct version (supported by TeensyDuino) of Arduino IDE from the Arduino website.
  3. Install TeensyDuino in the Arduino directory
  4. On Linux, install the udev rules
  5. On Windows, install the Serial Driver


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