Using the transceiver RFM22b on the TeensyWiNo

RFM22b on TeensyWiNo
The HopeRF RFM22b on TeensyWiNo

The transceiver present on the TeensyWiNo is a HopeRF RFM22b (datasheet).

The RadioHead RH_RF22 examples must be modified to be executed on the TeensyWiNo board:

  • Teensy SPI clock pin must be set to pin #14
  • Teensy SPI CS pin must be set to pin SS
  • Teensy SPI IRQ pin must be set to pin #9

Here is the good configuration in the Arduino sketch: On the RH_RF22 constructor:

RH_RF22 rf22(SS,9);

In the setup(), before calling rf22.init():


With these two modifications, all RadioHead RH_RF22 example sketchs are operational.


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