A powerful shield for the PJRC Teensy 3.1/3.2 that offers many possibilities such as wireless networking and many sensors
An Arduino board implementing an MCU and a UWB transceiver to enable wireless communications, fine synchronisation and ranging protocols.
A nice board with case and AAA batteries, implementing an MCU, a LoRa-compatible transceiver, a RGB LED and a push-button to make usable prototypes.
A developpement board implementing an MCU, a UWB transceiver, some peripherals (accelerometer, RGB LED...) and AAA-batteries to prototype devices with ranging and indoor-localisation capabilities.
The Debuggoid is a wireless debugger based on the Black Magic Probe software. The software was tailored to the esp8266, which allows wireless debugging of blackmagic-supported ARM targets through SWD.
A very tiny IoT board which implements two transceivers (BLE & UWB), an accelerometer, a LiPo charger, an RGB LED and two hardware options: either a MicroSD card reader or a LoRa transceiver.