Quick description

The TeensyWiNo is a powerful shield for the PJRC Teensy 3.1/3.2. This all-in-one shield offers many possibilities: it enables wireless networking and adds many sensors to the Teensy 3.1/3.2 module, while keeping a small form factor. Thanks to the Arduino ecosystem, the TeensyWiNo enables fast prototyping of Wireless Sensor Nodes, Internet of Things End-Devices or Connected Devices.

The TeensyWiNo includes:

  • A sub GigaHertz FSK/GFSK/OOK transceiver,
  • Many sensors: Luminosity, temperature, pressure, 3D accelerometer/gyroscopic/magnetometer,
  • A Li-Po battery charger and gauge,
  • A RGB LED.

Please refer to the Libraries section for more information on the recommended libraries.


The TeensyWiNo has been designed by Snootlab.com after a technological transfert from the IRIT lab in Toulouse, France (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse). As Snootlab has put a halt to its commercial activity, the TeensyWiNos are no longer available on their on-line shop.


Technical description

As seen on the following block diagram, the TeensyWiNo embeds:

  • 1 RFM22b (sub GigaHertz transceiver)
  • 1 TSL2561 (luminosity sensor)
  • 1 BMP085 (temperature and pressure sensor)
  • 1 LSM303CTR (3 axis accelerometer and magnetometer)
  • 1 L3GD20 (3 axis gyroscopic sensor)
  • 1 MAX17043 (Li-Po battery gauge)
  • 1 Li-Po charger based on a MCP73831
  • 1 RGB LED

TeensyWiNo Block Diagram

The TeensyWiNo’s sensors are connected to the MCU via the I2C bus, while the transceiver is connected via the SPI bus. Sensors and transceiver are powered via the Teensy 3.3V output (internally regulated).


Category Topic Library Adaptation Download
Networking HopeRF RFM22b RadioHead Modification required [git] [zip]
Networking Data-link layer SimpleWino Works out-of-the-box [git] [zip]
Sensors /!\ Required ALL sensors Adafruit_Sensor Works out-of-the-box [git] [zip]
Sensors Luminosity TSL2561 Modification required [git] [zip]
Sensors Temperature/pressure BMP085 Works out-of-the-box [git] [zip]
Sensors Accelero/magneto LSM303CTR Works out-of-the-box [git] [zip]
Sensors Gyroscope L3GD20 Works out-of-the-box [git] [zip]
Energy LiPo Gauge MAX17043 Works out-of-the-box [git] [zip]
Teensy Sleep/Deep sleep Snooze Works out-of-the-box [git] [zip]