The TeensyWiNo is a powerful shield for the PJRC Teensy 3.1/3.2 that offers many possibilities such as wireless networking and many sensors.
Installing dev tools
Installation of the software development tools for the WiNos nodes.
Playing with the RGB LED
How-to use the RGB LED on TeensyWiNo.
Using the TSL2561
How-to use the luminosity sensor (TSL2561) on TeensyWiNo.
Using the accelerometer
How-to use the accelerometer on the TeensyWiNo.
Connecting an antenna
How-to use an antenna on TeensyWiNo.
Exchanging messages
How-to use the transceiver RFM22b on the TeensyWiNo.
On a LiPo battery!
How-to use TeensyWiNo on battery.